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Notre-Dame Brûle wins the César for best VFX

The 48th César ceremony took place last Friday and the film 'Notre-Dame Brûle' directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud, won the award for best visual effects!

February 27, 2023

The 48th César ceremony took place last Friday and the film Notre-Dame Brûle directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud, won the award for Best Visual Effects!

Congratulations to Laurens Ehrmann who supervised the entirety of the project’s VFX and to The Yard VFX teams who also worked on the film. And congratulations to the MPC Paris teams supervised by Hugues Namur and Lise Fischer, who produced 385 VFX shots of Notre-Dame, Brûle!

For the second year running, the Académie des Arts et Techniques du Cinéma has recognized French films for their visual effects. Starting with Leos Carax’s Annette in 2022 with VFX supervision by Guillaume Pondard and followed this year by Notre-Dame Brûle.

At MPC, we are proud to have contributed on the visual effects for both films!

Bravo to the MPC team:

Superviseurs VFXHugues Namur
Lise Fischer
Productrice VFXLoriane Lucas
Coordinateurs VFXAlice Neichols
Yann Nivet
IOMaurice Cam
Superviseur CGFlorian Wolff
CompositingNoé Fricoteaux
Julien Pierret
Philippe Frère
François Crèvecoeur
Julien Giami
Daniel Benjamin
Cosme Petsopoulos
Niranjan Sivagurunathan
Thibault Lebret
Pierre Capacchi
Nicolas Kermel
Irène Cunat
Estelle Chesneau
Charles Farkes
Sébastien Podsiadlo
Randy Gudin
Nicolas Borens
Artistes CGWilliam Untereiner
Hugo Jaulin
Alexandre Guillamier
Valentin Barthélémy
Paul Goubet
Lucas Vielet
Jérémy Gravinay
Nicolas Du That Co
Benjamin Lenfant
Guillaume Parra
Thibault Marconnet
Superviseur Décors numériquesChristophe “Tchook” Courgeau
Décors numériquesAlexia Ferry
Motion DesignJean-Yves Parent
Jean-Martin Mossu
Agathe Sayegh
Paint/Prep LeadA Naga Sundeep
Imtiyaz Khan
Rotoscopie LeadVishnu MG
Rajesh Reddy
Asset LeadAbdul Majeed
Sachin Kumar
Compositing LeadRamkumar Rangababu
Production CoordinatorBudda Ashish Kumar
Sandeep Vrk
Production ManagerSnehn Kuruvilla
Matchmove & RotoanimSwapnil Kamble
Deepak Rai
Akshita Kedia
Anisha Singh
Mayur Chaudhari
Uttam Swain
Aloke Das
Tejashree Mhatre
Mayur Mahamunim
Production CoordinatorRuchita Malpuria
Directrice du studioBéatrice Beauwens
Directeur des productionsSimon Descamps
Directeur du studioBenoit Holl
Responsable CGMark Robinson
Responsable CompositingNicolas Borens
PlanningSophie Mailho
Isabelle Renaud

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