We bring unmatched inspiration, innovation, and best in-class visual effects to our partner’s stories.

About Us

We’re the people behind the effects in countless blockbusters like The Little Mermaid, Napoleon, Prehistoric Planet, Godzilla and Game of Thrones, crafting everything from lifelike fur to dynamic crowd scenes, to larger-than-life destruction sequences.

We push the limits of what is technologically and artistically possible, to tell visually stunning stories.

Develop, Design, Create


Everything we do starts with understanding your story. From Concept Art and Previs to Real-Time Technologies and Virtual Production. Our Development team at MPC Visualization, Los Angeles are dedicated to creating visuals that build out your world, reflecting your vision.


Our global Design teams work on the spectacular scenes and tiny details that make movies truly mind-blowing. Handpicked for their exceptional work within their fields, our experts design everything from animated photorealistic characters, to stunning digital worlds, to larger-than-life FX simulations. Our goal is to combine our passion with yours and bring your creation to life in stunning detail.


We’re scene-builders, not just shot-makers. Our artists are world leaders in this fast-moving and highly specialised medium, which demands a unique blend of creativity and technical finesse. With a fast-moving, aggressive pipeline and a culture of agile technical innovation, we deliver the bold, new and breath-taking – as standard.

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