From concept art & previs to virtual production, production and into final VFX, MPC Visualization is dedicated to creating a seamless pipeline for feature & episodic projects.

The Art Department

Understanding your story

Everything we do starts with understanding your story. We create visuals that build out your world, reflecting your vision and tone across the entire project.

After our initial meeting, we quickly turn around 2D sketches, paintings and mood boards to hone in on exactly the right visuals for your story. We have a strong focus on key frames, where we combine characters, environments and other design elements into pivotal story moments from your film.

We also have the ability to create 3D sculptures to tackle concepts from all angles and poses. Once approved, these sculptures are passed along the pipeline for the design to be built practically or handed on to modeling for rigging and animation to build on the director’s vision.




Previs, Techvis and Postvis

The Visualization team supports the story throughout production with imaginative visual problem solving. Previs brings design into motion by exploring action, tone and pacing in workshop-style collaboration with the filmmaker.

Techvis is used to technically blueprint your creative vision by crafting shots in advance in order to bring efficiency and success on shoot day.

Using live-action plates from set, Postvis shapes action beats through the vital placement of assets and animation which helps creatives to make early cost-saving decisions prior to final CG.

Virtual Production

Virtual Production helps you perfect your vision in a digital environment.

MPC Film’s Virtual Production tools and techniques enable live action filmmakers to collaborate and shoot in a virtual environment. This gives Directors & DOPs the tools to be truly engaged and creative in a CG scene. Where safety and social distancing is critically important on set, Virtual Production can allow film productions of all sizes to keep creating and  telling amazing stories.


We design a tailored approach when it comes to film making, working with you to pick the best tools and techniques for your project. This technology can be used at a variety of scales, from single-user setups at home (where filmmakers can scout sets in VR and shoot their scenes with virtual cameras), to large scale collaborative virtual reality sets such as The Lion King.

What we offer

  • Pitch-Vis
  • Look Dev
  • Previsualization
  • Tech Visualization
  • Post Visualization
  • Virtual Previs


  • On-set visualization
  • Lensing, performance and shot capture
  • SimulCam
  • VR tech scouting


  • Rough assembly on stage

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