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The Art of Nope with MPC Visualization

In collaboration with the Concept Art Association and Gallery Nucleus, MPC Visualization explore the Art of Nope.

February 23, 2023

Saturday 18th February – In collaboration with Concept Art Association and Gallery Nucleus, MPC was pleased to take part in the panel discussion exploring the concept art and visualization of Jordan Peele’s acclaimed film, Nope.

Moderated by Katie Hooten, SVP, Client Project Engagement at MPC, panelists Patrick Smith, Head of Visualization, Leandre Lagrange, Art Director, Ivan Khomenko, and Farid Sandoval, both Senior Concept Artist at MPC went behind the scenes to share how they developed Jean Jacket.

With a selection of exclusive concept art and a never-before-seen visualization reel, the team outlined the unique challenges of creating the alien entity and how they delved into the narrative through early pre-visualization explorations.

Learn more about MPC’s work on Nope here, and check out MPC Visualization’s interview with before&afters here.

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