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International Women’s Day 2024

On this 8th of March, International Women's Day, MPC celebrates and honors the exceptional contributions of its female teams.

March 8, 2024

Art as a Source of Inspiration  

Lise Fischer, VFX supervisor at MPC Paris, shares her sources of inspiration in the art world. She highlights the impact of cinema visionary Claire Denis, multidisciplinary artist Ana Mendieta, the crucial literary work of Virginia Woolf, and the timeless musical icon Kim Gordon. These female figures transcend artistic disciplines, inspiring MPC teams to pursue creative excellence. 

Véronique Dessard, VFX producer at MPC Liège, finds inspiration in the fearlessness of Frida Kahlo, a woman who paved her own way in a world not necessarily destined for her—a powerful reminder that determination can overcome obstacles. 

Mila Gantelmi D’Ille, compositing artist at MPC Paris, emphasizes literary figures like Simone de Beauvoir and contemporary directors such as Sofia Coppola, Greta Gerwig, and Jeanne Herry, who challenge norms and highlight women’s experiences through their cinematic works. 

Encouraging Future Generations  

MPC’s female teams offer valuable advice to young women considering a career in visual effects. Lise encourages them to forge ahead, emphasizing that these professions are not exclusive to men. Olivia Miciuda, lead compositing at MPC Paris, insists that talent knows no gender, inviting women to join this exciting industry. 

Véronique advises staying calm and taking a breath, reminding that there is always a solution. Mila encourages women never to feel illegitimate, even in a predominantly male environment. Léa Latassa, Marketing Manager invites young women to explore an exciting world where learning and fulfilment await: “Don’t be afraid to embark on careers in visual effects!” 

Joy Lahmann Paz, compositing artist at MPC Paris, urges women to dive in and contribute to making the industry more inclusive by amplifying their voices. Loriane Lucas, VFX Producer at MPC Paris, highlights the importance of breaking down gender stereotypes starting from early education. She points out that women can succeed in technical fields without holding themselves back. She also applauds the presence of influential female figures in leadership positions at MPC, such as Andrea Miloro, Chief Business and Strategy Officer, and Béatrice Bauwens, Director of MPC Paris and Liège. This, she believes, is propelling the company towards a more equitable and inspiring future.

On this International Women’s Day, MPC celebrates diversity, inclusion, and the constant inspiration that women bring to the visual effects industry. A day to recognize past successes, celebrate the present, and inspire future generations to break barriers and fulfil their full potential. 

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