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Guillermo del Toro Visits MPC Toronto

Guillermo del Toro and co-Director Mark Gustafson stopped by MPC Toronto to chat more about their reinvention of the classic story of a wooden puppet, 'Pinocchio'.

December 13, 2022

MPC was delighted to welcome the award-winning director and stop-motion veteran into the studio on Monday to dive deeper into the making of the stop-motion adventure.

MPC VFX Supervisor, Aaron Weintraub, and VFX Producer, Emma Gorbey led teams in Toronto and Bangalore to deliver over 650 shots for the Animated Feature. This included expertly crafted CG environments, stylized FX simulations, and CG crowds.

Pinocchio, which is now streaming on Netflix, is MPC’s tenth collaboration with the filmmaker. While at MPC, he and Gustafson revealed more details on the making of the animated feature, answering an abundance of questions put to them by MPC’s team. All before posing for a quick selfie!

Thank you to every one of the artists that worked on Pinocchio, and to our creative collaborators for their stunning work.

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