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Cloth Sims for an Alien Entity and a Rampaging Chimpanzee

Guillaume Rocheron describes the extensive visual effects work in the film for befores & afters.

August 31, 2022

“Terry Notary played Gordy, the chimpanzee, on set and was just incredible. It was really all about trying to create a scene that felt scary and very disturbing, while also obscuring things in a similar fashion to what we did with the cloud. It was like, ‘Well, what if we use the same idea, that you’ll witness it through the point of view of our character, which is little Jupe?’ We are always from his point of view, the same way as we’re always from the point of view of our characters when they are looking at Jean Jacket. Here it’s from under a table and there’s a very transparent silk table cloth there.”


Read the full article over at before & afters.

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