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Liseys Story

Our work on Lisey’s Story mainly focused on the creation of the Boo’ya Moon environment, which is described as “the dream world and one of many realities that make up the multiverse. His world is beautiful by day but dangerous by night”.

Bad Robot / Apple TV +
Pablo Larrain
VFX Supervisor
Pauline Duvall

The environment of the world we focused on is the “Pool”, where crowds come to heal from their death on Earth. It consists of a massive amphitheater made of ancient rocks and overtaken by otherworldly vegetation, flanked by a lighthouse looking over an infinite lake. It’s always dawn here, and the moon is always full, shining a red light on the environment.

The place needed to feel eerie and convey a sense of peace and awe.

The bulk of the work for Lisey’s Story was to create the Full CG environment to extend plates shot in a big stage in New York, add crowds on the amphiteatre, and extend and/or replace the water pool from the set to create the infinite lake.

When the pandemic hit, the shoot was interrupted before they could shoot a single shot. During the following six months, we helped design the environment, and created a complete CG environment to help the director visualize the space and vastness of the amphitheater. We produced different scenarios that would allow the crew to shoot the sequence again, within the Covid constraints. Whilst we waited for shooting to begin again, we built all the components of the environment and the crowds.

We were involved in Lisey’s Story for around a year, but the bulk of the production spanned across five months. Around 100 artists and production teams were involved at the different stages of the project, across our London and Bangalore Studios.

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