MPC creates striking visual effects for the werewolf horror comedy, Bhediya

MPC and Maddock Films team up to build high-end cinematic visual effects for the horror comedy Bhediya, following the story of Bhaskar (played by Varun Dhawan) and his transformation to a werewolf form. MPC VFX Supervisor James Austin led the team to deliver over 640 shots in 20 months.

Maddock Films
Amar Kaushik
MPC VFX Supervisor
James Austin

Wielding years of expertise in creature CG, the studio’s primary contribution was the wolves and the werewolf transformation, displaying the intricate metamorphosis from the human to full wolf form. “The first transformation in the homestead was a fun and exciting task,” says James Austin. “It was a complicated sequence because we had to balance the emotion exactly right by showing the pain in the transformation while keeping the scene light and humorous.”

The team at MPC has done a fantastic job in creating the visual effects for the film,” says director Amar Kaushik. “They were cooperative and helpful on experimenting with the designs, CG environments, and digi-doubles and ensured to get the best possible CG output to the big screens.”

MPC also built digital doubles for the sequences involving the actors and the wolves’ interaction. With the help of the FX teams, the artists built the wolf skin, cloth and hair simulations and the wind blowing in a forest with dust and leaves, roots climbing and tightening around Varun, and cloth takeovers to highlight the wind’s motion.

The studio also built fully 3D environments and set extensions using digital matte painting (DMP) throughout the film to enhance the look and mood. The team extensively used blue screens in the shoot to give them a separation to add any extra environment buildings and trees where needed, they also shot clean plates in case they needed to rebuild shots that might need more work in post-production.

Working closely with Amar Kaushik was a real pleasure,” adds James. “He was always open and willing to give us input and feedback at every stage. He let us try innovative ideas to see if they would work better for the show and then guided us to ensure the best result was achieved.”

Biren Ghose, Country Head, Technicolor Creative Studios, commended the team, “MPC and Maddock Films brought signature visual effects to the screen with Bhediya and the transformation of the main character sequences are breath-taking and needed to make the story seamless. It was a super exciting challenge to take on a show in India with a brilliant team of filmmakers and technicians that have worked on global projects, and we are delighted to bring to bear that amazing MPC expertise and showcase how high-end visual effects talent within this collaboration can raise the bar for our own stories from India. This show is a tribute to talent in India.”

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