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Women’s History Month Q&A With MPC India

You asked, and we answered! Hear from some of the women at MPC India about their experiences and insights into the VFX/Animation industry.

March 16, 2023

ChaitraShree VS, Lead – Groom, MPC, shares her answer to the question,

“How did you know the VFX industry was the correct career choice for you?”

My story is slightly unusual in the industry. I was in very different stream, studying medicine, before I entered VFX. I chose to learn VFX to take a break from my academics but then after the completion of a 3D and multimedia course, I decided to venture professionally into a VFX studio. I did an internship and later joined MPC.

I knew it was right for me because of what we’re able to see and create. I was passionate about media, movies and able to creatively visualize anything explained to me. VFX gave me the wings to fly, and the combination of creativity and technology keeps me challenged. There is no limit to our creativity, and anything can be created. VFX is unstoppable, and beyond imagination, so I have no regrets.

Kranti Sarma, Senior Vice President – Creative & Production Operations, MPC, weighs in on,

“How can a career in VFX and Animation help nurture creativity, especially among women?”

While creativity is not limited to any gender – I think women have an edge in being super creative. VFX/Animation is a space that allows us to unleash our creativity and work on our passion of being part of filmmaking and bringing world-class creativity and imagination out in every project! I am fortunate to be part of the highly creative group of women at Technicolor. I have been a part of the VFX and Animation space for the last 15 years, and it’s amazing to see how women are choosing this as their careers and thriving here. Most people have skillsets they are born with, and it’s up to us which ones we build on, including our creativity in various ways. In the last 10 years at Technicolor, I have personally seen the number of women grow from the 10s to 100s, and it’s exciting to see more women enter this domain and demonstrate their artistic, creative and technical expertise daily.

Rachna Negi, Lead – Assets, MPC, answers the question,

“What challenges have you faced in your profession?

I joined Technicolor with my coding experience, and it’s been an incredible journey so far. I’ve been in the industry for over six years. And I’m enjoying the amazing ride. I have worked on some amazing projects with many creative colleagues and it’s incredible to watch my work on the big screen. I would say that gives me a huge sense of achievement, but there have definitely been challenges. I have a leadership and technical role, so it can be difficult to stay on top of all the new features and updates to software.

Early on in my career, I found it challenging to ask for help when I got stuck. I always worried about what people would think of me if I sought help for every small issue. I learned to be vocal when I got stuck, and I think this helps us grow both personally and professionally. We need to be open to feedback and never shy about seeking advice and guidance. This practice has helped me to be where I am today.

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