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The New York Times Best Movies of 2022

You guessed it... Jordan Peele's Nope.

December 13, 2022

The New York Times have announced their ‘Best Movies of 2022’ and at No.1 is Jordan Peele’s summer ‘pop nightmare’ Nope.

Nope took first place in the category of ‘The Best Questions Raised by a Movie’, as well as a third in ‘The Most Fearless Vision’.

The New York Times says “The movie is a genre joyride and a philosophical puzzle. And it has plenty to say – about labor, family, race, grief and (yes) movies – in a visual language that feels at once familiar yet radically new.”

Also on the list at number 7 is Lost Illusions, directed by Xavier Giannoli, with VFX from the MPC Paris team. It’s described as “A breathless tour of the sleazy seductive modern media system, in which reputations and loyalties are bought and sold”.

Read the full article over at The New York Times.

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