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The Art of Digital Make-Up | 3D Artist

September 7, 2018

The latest issue of 3D Artist includes a feature on ‘The Art of Digital Make-Up” by Ian Failes. Ian interviews MPC Film VFX Supervisor Guillaume Rocheron to learn how the team blended practical with digital make up to create Kuze (Michael Pitt), CG Supervisor Francesco Pinto on the character Ahment for The Mummy. and CG Supervisor Mathieu Assemat on creating the look of Captain Salazar for Pirates of the Caribbean.

For Kuze in Ghost in the Shell MPC worked to add robotic and damage elements to the characters face. “Our idea was that everything added on Kuze could be practical and we would use CG when we had to subtract volume from his body” outlines Guillaume Rocheron. “For the face we used prosthetics to create the cheek plates and used tracking markers to add the panel lines indentation in CG . The design of Kuze changed as we were in post and we ended up replacing his body and most of his face in CG to give him a lot more negative space then originally anticipated.”

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