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Technicolor Creative Studios’ VFX and Animation prowess shines at FICCI Frames

A premier media and entertainment industry event

May 9, 2023

The team from Technicolor Creative Studios India had an eventful time at FICCI Frames, showcasing the potential of the VFX and Animation industry within India through a panel discussion and masterclass.  

The 23rd edition of FICCI Frames, a premier media and entertainment industry event, was held at The Westin Mumbai, India, from 3-5 May, 2023.  

MPC’s contributions to Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio were highlighted in an insightful masterclass by Inigo V Roy and Vinay Thakur. They spoke about the production workflow, challenges, and technical artistry required in different shots from this dark retelling of the Italian classic. With dazzling content, their presentation also underscored the importance of innovative collaboration through all stages of film-making from pre to post-production.    

“Guillermo del Toro’s vision of telling the story of Pinocchio, a puppet, using puppets in stop-motion, ultimately lit the path for great innovation and visuals in VFX. The teams at MPC delved deep into the art of VFX and CG to create the stunning environments and visuals of a puppeteer’s world. It’s a testament to the power of innovative collaboration in all stages of filmmaking.” shared Inigo Vimal Roy, CG Supervisor, MPC India 

Adding further to the same, Vinay Thakur, Supervisor – Compositing, MPC India expressed that “Our team at MPC was honored to have contributed to Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio, a dark retelling of the Italian classic that demanded cutting-edge visual effects and CG artistry. It was a challenging project that required us to create stunning environments and visuals that brought Pinocchio’s story to life. By collaborating with the talented artists and filmmakers involved in this project, we were able to push the boundaries of what’s possible in animation and VFX.” 

The Technicolor Creative Studios’ AVGC panel discussion and masterclass at FICCI Frames showcased the potential of the Indian AVGC industry, challenging myths and highlighting the industry’s capacity for world-class content creation. In addition, the masterclass by Inigo V Roy and Vinay Thakur on their work for Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio highlighted the importance of collaboration and technical artistry in creating stunning visuals and environments that bring a director’s vision to life. The event served as a reminder of the exciting future that lies ahead for the VFX and animation industry in India. 

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