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Technicolor Creative Studios | Our Legacy Is Our Future | Part 4 | Mikros Animation

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November 2, 2022

Last Friday 28th October, our friends at Mikros Animation celebrated International Animation Day and released Part 4 of Our Legacy Is Our Future Insight Series, which explores the outstanding animation projects the team has worked on. President of Mikros Animation, Andrea Miloro said: “It takes up all your senses to actually do animation. There’s no live sets, there’s no plates, there’s no green screens. Every single blade of grass, every wisp of wind through a tree… we create.”

You can expect to hear from VFX & Compositing Supervisors, Production Directors and Heads of Creative, as well as the President of Mikros Animation, Andrea Miloro. From Asterix to SpongeBob, the interviewees walk you through some of their favorite projects from over the years.  

We are sure you’ll find Our Legacy Is Our Future a fascinating watch – a new episode will be released weekly on YouTube, each focusing on a different Technicolor studio and industry sector. 

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