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Sony Pictures reveals first footage of Napoleon & Kraven The Hunter

Two upcoming MPC projects.

April 27, 2023

Kraven the Hunter and Napoleon are both MPC projects that are currently in production. Read more about the movies below as Sony Pictures releases unseen footage.

“Kraven the Hunter”
Aaaron Taylor Johnson
 plays the Marvel villain who is being reconfigured as an anti-hero with daddy issues (pops is played by Russell Crowe). Announced as Sony’s first R-rated action film, the preview saw Kraven bite a soldier’s nose off. Lots of bloody kills and somewhat non-super hero until Alessandro Nivola teases turning into the Rhino. Honestly didn’t look that much better than Sony’s other non-Spider-Man efforts, “Venom: Let There Be Carnage” and “Morbius.”

Ridley Scott’s latest epic reunites the filmmaker with Joaquin Phoenix as the European conquering emperor. As Rothman noted beforehand, the 85-year-old maestro has not lost his cinematic eye and can still run circles around established filmmakers half his age. The footage centered on a winter battle where Russian and Austrian forces team up to try and stop the French advance. Napoleon stages a trap for them and it’s quite glorious. The scenes featured hundreds (a thousand?) extras on horseback (“Kingdom of Heaven” vibes) and almost entirely in-camera visual effects (lots of on-the-ground explosions). There were at least three or four individual shots that anyone in the room will still remember weeks from now, which obviously a very good thing. The only concern is Scott has allowed all the actors to speak in their native accents which in this case means Napoleon sounds American. Scott got away with it on his last film, “The Last Duel,” but we’re a bit concerned it won’t work in this particular historical context.

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