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ROMA / British Cinematographer

Alfonso Cuarón discusses the cinematography and visual effects of ROMA with British Cinematographer

January 23, 2019

Alfonso Cuarón was interviewed by British Cinematographer on his work on his latest feature, Roma.

Renowned Mexican cinematographer Emmanuel ‘Chivo’ Lubezki AMC ASC, whose previous work with Cuarón includes Y Tu Mamá También, Children Of Men and Gravity, had prepped the first part of the production, but a scheduling conflict resulted in Cuarón taking over the photography on the film.

Cuarón says 97 percent of Roma has visual effects, starting off with the opening sequence which features a floor being mopped with a passing plane reflecting in the soapy water. “MPC are my heroes; the way they achieved that shot because it was so painful. We also had to reproduce a street corner in Mexico City that was iconic in my childhood, but has changed so much since that it’s unrecognisable. This is when Cleo crosses the avenue on the way to the cinema. All of that was built from scratch.”

Read the full interview here.

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