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‘NOPE’ With Jordan Peele

The Ringer's Sean Fennessey and Van Lathan dig into this complex, fascinating extraterrestrial tale, alongside Peele himself to talk about how and why he made the movie.

July 28, 2022

Peele explores the visual design of NOPE, specifically the idea of something that’s from outer space, and how he communicates this to filmmakers.

He goes on to explain “My upbringing was as an artist, first and foremost… I’ve worked with just tremendous artists, as well, and Guillaume Rocheron, who is just a brilliant, brilliant guy. And we saw eye-to-eye really early on as to the sort of aesthetic of this film. So along with him, the amazing artists, a guy named Léandre Lagrange was working at MPC. It really is taking whatever skill set you have and trying to apply it, and describe, and be as specific as possible.”

Read the full article over at The Ringer.

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