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MPC creates bloodthirsty VFX for Netflix thriller, Night Teeth

March 1, 2022

MPC VFX Supervisor David Jones and VFX Producer Sebastien Racine led the MPC team to deliver over 500 shots for the Netflix vampire thriller Night Teeth. For over a year and a half, VFX artists across the Montreal and Bangalore facilities crafted the bloodthirsty visual effects.

MPC worked on a selection of sequences within the feature, predominately crafting the vampires themselves. The digital characters were based off photogrammetric scans of actors Debby Ryan and Lucy Fry, which were then embellished with simulated cloth and hair.

A primary area of focus for the team was to simulate the ‘calcifying’ affects of being exposed to sunlight, working to realistically portray the two vampires being destroyed by its rays. The heightened combat sequences required the creation of computer-generated crossbow bolts that carried a flaring UV payload. Additionally, throughout several sequences, matte painting for digital environments emphasised the world of bloodthirsty intentions and a dangerous, shadowy underworld.

Night Teeth is now available globally on Netflix.

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