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MPC: Icons of Horror – Part 3

MPC has had the privilege to work on over 50 of the most iconic film and episodic horror titles of the past 25 years. Join us this Halloween season as we reflect on some of our favorites …

October 24, 2022

MPC has had the privilege to work on over 50 of the most iconic film and episodic horror titles of the past 25 years. Join us this Halloween season as we reflect on some of our favorites …

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Of all of the nightmares of “Nope,” the one that has seemingly left the biggest (most scarring?) impression is the “Gordy’s Home” sequence. The sequence is a flashback to a fictional sitcom in which Jupe (later played by Steven Yeun) co-starred on. Gordy is the show’s star, a usually agreeable chimpanzee who, on this day, goes on a rampage, killing several cast members and maiming another. The sequence is pure nightmare fuel, which is fitting because it was based on a nightmare Peele had in 2014.

The Wrap goes into detail on our terrifying work. Read more here.


Twentieth Century Fox’s Underwater follows the story of a small crew of deep-sea miners, trapped in a rapidly flooding structure following a devastating earthquake, who face more than the rough surrounding elements to fight for their survival.

Working as the lead VFX studio, MPC’s VFX Supervisor Axel Bonami led the teams in Montreal, London, and Bangalore, completing more than 400 shots. 

A major part of the work was in creating the Behemoth, a 700-meter-long deep-sea monster, who later is joined by thousands of other creatures. The Clinger is the main creature that hunts the humans; its design resembles that of an elongated ghostly biped with pale, translucent skin. The designs for both creatures were based on concept art, but various sea life and deep-water creatures were used as references for the realistic look of the skin qualities and detailing.

Find out more about our creature work here.

And check out our making of below.


MPC VFX Supervisor David Jones and VFX Producer Sebastien Racine led the team to deliver over 500 shots for the Netflix vampire thriller Night Teeth. For over a year and a half, VFX artists across the Montreal and Bangalore facilities crafted the bloodthirsty visual effects.



Netflix presents Nightbooks, a fantasy-driven horror film from Director David Yarovesky and Producer Sam Raimi. Based on the 2018 horror-fantasy children’s book of the same name by J. A. White, Nightbooks centers around scary story fan Alex (Winslow Fegley), who must tell a spine-tingling tale every night, or stay trapped with his new friend (Lidya Jewett), in the apartment of a wicked witch forever (Krysten Ritter).

MPC Production VFX Supervisor Matt Glover and MPC VFX Producer Sanchia Currie worked alongside Director David Yarovesky and the talented MPC team to bring to life the thrilling, fantasy world of Nightbooks. The MPC team spent almost a year and a half working to deliver over 480 shots for the feature across their Adelaide, Bangalore, and Toronto facilities. From CG creatures to full CG 12-story libraries, the team worked on a range of sequences to deliver the mysteries of Nightbooks.

Early discussions with Yarovesky determined the approach needed with the visual effects to capture the wonders of children’s horror. “Dave wanted to make a horror film, first and foremost,” says VFX Supervisor Matt Glover. “And not a ‘kid’s horror film, but a real horror that kids and families could watch together. We weren’t going to pull any punches with the creature/character design or the scares.”

Find out more about our work here.

And check out our making of below.


Unable to accept the fact that her daughter is dying, Rose (Radha Mitchell) decides to take the girl to a faith healer. On the way, the pair drive through a portal in reality, leading to an eerie town called Silent Hill. The town is surrounded by a potent darkness, and the human survivors fight a losing battle against it.

MPC/MR. X completed 68 shots for the film with the majority of shots centered around a horde of terrifying giant cockroaches.

Find out more here.


In Showtime’s Penny Dreadful, explorer Sir Malcolm Murray, American gunslinger Ethan Chandler, scientist Victor Frankenstein, and medium Vanessa Ives unite to combat supernatural threats in Victorian London.

MPC/ MR. X completed a host of gruesome VFX work for the show.

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