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Luke Groves and Aaron Weintraub Discuss MPC’s Work on Iconic Horror Projects

MPC is celebrating several years of bringing iconic horror films and shows to audiences. Luke and Aaron chat more about the plethora of recognizable projects.

November 2, 2022

From video game adaptations like Silent Hill and Resident Evil, book adaptations such as Carrie and World War Z, and other movies including Dawn of the Dead, Crimson Peak, Corpse Bride, and many more. MPC is also responsible for elevating horror across television networks. Some of their projects include Bates Motel, Penny Dreadful, The Boys, and the upcoming Wednesday.

Nerds & Beyond had the chance to chat with the company’s Senior Vice President, Luke Groves, and Head of Creative Operations, Aaron Weintraub. They discussed how they go about bringing effects to life, working on familiar stories, and more.

Read more over at Nerds and Beyond.

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