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Leandre Lagrange On Bringing Jordan Peele’s Alien Beast To Life with Fangoria

Those flying saucers? Not ships but rather giant, hungry beasts themselves. Movies take an army to accomplish, and a film like this is heavy on visual effects, meaning Peele needed a lot of help to make this monster a reality. That’s where Leandre Lagrange came in.

September 1, 2022

Leandre Lagrange served as the Art Director for MPC Visualization. He was a creature designer and also led a team of artists that developed visuals for the movie, with Ivan Khomenko and Farid Sandoval partnering with him on the project. Their job? To design the creature and its relationship with the skies/clouds and how the sky designs support the different scenes and emotions throughout the film.

The first vision that Jordan was putting forward for the creature was the incarnation, the manifestation of Mother Nature. A godlike presence, huge, filling the sky.”

Leandre Lagrange, Art Director

Read the full article over at Fangoria.

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