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The Invisible Impact of Nope

MPC VFX supervisor, Guillaume Rocheron, spoke to British Cinematographer to discuss how to break boundaries with VFX, whilst making sure the audience isn’t removed from the reality being presented on screen.

August 27, 2022

For Nope, this involved MPC creating an incredibly in-depth cloudscape system, as well as placing computer generated animals into notoriously difficult semi-transparent environments.

The balance between realism and haunting supernaturalism is achieved to immense effect as the film sees a run-of-the-mill town in California rocked by chilling discoveries.

I think that, as with best suspenseful scenes, the key is to engage your audience to show them something they haven’t seen before, but at the same time, leave enough room for imagination to complete the picture.”

Guillaume Rocheron, VFX Supervisor

Read the full article over at British Cinematographer.

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