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French Touch 2022 – Technicolor Creative Studios: visual effects and animation case studies

Represented by an orange rooster logo, The French Touch is a movement for the promotion of the French Cultural and Creative Industries. It brings together ambitious and innovative companies and unique talents that enrich our heritage and shape the society of tomorrow. A real lever for competitiveness and growth, the French Touch unites a community of bold entrepreneurs around a common philosophy.

November 22, 2022

This year, Shaun Severi, Creative Director at The Mill Paris, Béatrice Bauwens, SVP MPC Europe and Julien Meesters, SVP & Head of Creative at Mikros Animation will present a case study on Technicolor Creative Studios and the visual effects and animation sector.

You will discover a history of the French entity, from its creation under Mikros Image to its regrouping within Technicolor Creative Studios. The three studios The Mill, MPC and Mikros Animation will also be presented around a specific case study on the cinema professions, the animated film Ozi and the use of new technologies for creation at The Mill Paris. Finally, the presentation will conclude with the importance of our teams in keeping the studios alive and growing.

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