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FMX 2019: Recap

May 9, 2019

MPC had two VFX Supervisors speak at FMX 2019, a conference on animation, effects, games and immersive media held in Stuggart, Germany.

Max Wood (Overall VFX Supervisor for The Nutcracker) spoke on a panel alongside ncam and Mackevision titled The VFX for Nutcracker with on-set realtime camera tracking. The talk focused on MPC’s fantastic visual effects and how ncam increased the efficiency of the production on-set, with realtime camera tracking technology.

Patrick Ledda (VFX Supervisor for Dumbo) presented “How MPC made an Elephant Fly for Disney’s “Dumbo” to a packed audience who queued for his talk.

Huge thanks to both Max and Patrick for attending this year!

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