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Everything you need to know about making the monsters of Monster Hunter with befores and afters

April 18, 2021

Diablos. Rathalos. Apceros. Palico. Nercylla. It sounds like a VFX dream to re-create these beasts from the Capcom Monster Hunter game series. And that’s exactly what the MR. X/MPC crew were tasked with doing for the live-action Paul W. S. Anderson film.

befores & afters talked to several of MR. X’s team—Jo Hughes (VFX producer), Trey Harrell (VFX supervisor), Ayo Burgess (DFX supervisor) and Tom Nagy (animation supervisor)—to find out how the studio pulled it off. Here they cover shooting plates without creatures, the creature builds, sand sims, digi-doubles and more.

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