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End-to-End Visual Filmmaking on Jordan Peele’s Nope

Digital Trends take a deeper look at MPC's work on Jordan Peele's Nope.

December 1, 2022

MPC worked right across the production, first working directly with the filmmakers during pre-production on concept art and visualization, before going on to deliver over 675 VFX shots.

MPC’s Production VFX Supervisor Guillaume Rocheron led the visual effects team, alongside Art Director Leandre Lagrange, Head of Visualisation Patrick Smith, and Previs Supervisor Josh Lange leading the visualization work.

When developing the alien entity, Jean Jacket, Leandre Lagrange, recalled his first conversation with Jordan Peele, when he was trying to understand its behavior. “One key factor that stood out was that he used the word ‘origami’ to describe the transformation,” he said.

Josh Lange, Previs Supervisor at MPC, said, “Since the creature could also change direction and travel in response to the person looking at it, it needed a defined ‘front’ and ‘back’ to make it clear where it was heading. Jellyfish and drapery were the closest real-world reference, and we gave massive scale to the ‘wings’ that undulate and push air below the creature and give a believable explanation for how it could stay afloat at will.”

Read the full interview over at Digital Trends.

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