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American Cinematographer attend Genesis Demo

February 25, 2019

Earlier in February, we invited American Cinematographer to visit Technicolor’s Experience Center for a demo of our Virtual Production Platform, Genesis.

Genesis is used to empower traditional production team members with hands-on participation in the previsualization animation process via virtual reality. The evolving ecosystem of tools was already utilized on visual effects-driven films, including Disney’s recent live-action version of The Jungle Book (featured in AC May 2016).

The heart of Genesis’ power is its real-time performance, achieved by leveraging the Unity 3D gaming engine and NVIDIA GTX 1080 and RTX 2080 high-powered graphics processing units (GPUs). By combining real-time graphics with Vicon motion capture cameras, real-time motion control encoders for tripods and camera dollies along with HTC Vive virtual reality headsets, Genesis allows a crew to step into previs animation and photograph, direct, production design, and act scenes out virtually. Genesis also tracks every camera move, prop/character/light position, scene and take in a secure cloud database. The system operates over Technicolor’s own Technicolor Connectivity network, allowing crews in different locations to interact and collaborate virtually and simultaneously within the same scene.

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