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Super-Héros Malgré Lui


A struggling apprentice actor, Cedric finally lands his first role in a superhero movie. One evening, while borrowing the filming car, he is the victim of an accident that makes him lose his memory. When he wakes up, dressed in his vigilante costume and surrounded by the film’s props, he is convinced that he has become the film’s character with a dangerous mission to accomplish. Unfortunately, not everyone is a hero and even less a superhero…

BAF Prod
Philippe Lacheau
VFX Supervisor
Cyrille Bonjean

In France too, we have our superheroes! This VFX Breakdown gathers all the craziest shots that our MPC Paris teams have made. There is something for everyone: muzzle flash, environments, CG animals, wounds, 3D holograms, FX and more, it is this diversity of visual effects that our teams are so fond of. Thanks to director Philippe Lacheau for allowing us to have so much fun!

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