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Santa & Cie


Nothing is going right as New Year’s Eve approaches. The 92,000 elves responsible for making the children’s presents all fall ill at the same time. This is a major blow for Santa. He has no choice but to rush to Earth with his reindeer to find a cure.

Alain Chabat
MPC VFX Supervisor
Hugues Namur
VFX Producer
Stéphanie Dubois
MPC 2D Supervisor
Lucie Bories, Barthélémy Beaux
MPC 3D Supervisor
Janine Smith, Alexandre Rouil, Antoine Carlon
MPC Environment Supervisor
Christophe Courgeau

Alain Chabat, the director and actor of the film Santa et Cie talks about his collaboration with the MPC Paris teams:

What are 3 words to describe Mikros (MPC Paris) VFX? Magic, Magic & Magic!”

Alain Chabat, Director

Working on this film has been a long and beautiful adventure for the MPC Paris team. Our teams speak best of it!
Read the testimonies of Hugues Namur (VFX Supervisor), Lucie Bories (Compositing Supervisor), Christophe ‘Tchook’ Courgeau (Digital Set Supervisor), Eric ‘Janine Smith’ Lautard (CG Supervisor) and Alexandre Sauthier (Animator & Rigging) about their work on Santa & Cie:

Discover their work here:

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