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Notre-Dame : La Part du Feu


This choral mini-series directed by Hervé Hadmar takes place during the night of the Notre Dame fire.
It tells the story of men and women who have their own fires to put out. In parallel to the fight that the Paris fire brigade leads against the burning of the Cathedral, we follow characters who will have to go to the end of themselves.

They will fight, love, cross paths, hate, smile at each other or help each other… in the end, they will have a chance to rebuild their lives.

Overall VFX Supervisor
Sébastien Drouin
MPC VFX Supervisor
Laurent Creusot
MPC VFX Producer
Yann Nivet
MPC Compositing Supervisors
Niranjan Sivagurunathan,
Erwan Andrieux,
Théo Cocagne


MPC Paris teams produced over 155 VFX shots on the Netflix series Notre-Dame, la part du feu, including several scenes in full CG.

Notre-Dame la Part du Feu, on Netflix

Interview with director Hervé Hadmar and Sébastien Drouin:

Are there any visual effects shots that you found particularly challenging?

“One shot, entirely done in 3D, where Alice enters the cathedral for the first time, was particularly stressful for me. It’s an 8-second shot from the point of view of the young firefighter looking at the cathedral, where you see the columns, the Pieta in the background, the statues, the chairs. It was double or nothing because I didn’t know if it would work or not. As this is the first shot where we see the interior of the cathedral, it’s the first shot where we see the interior of the cathedral. As this is the first shot where we see the interior of the cathedral, we thought that if it didn’t work, it might be a problem for the whole series. In the end, I’m very proud of it. MPC did a phenomenal job on it. (…) The 560 or so VFX shots were split between four studios and MPC did an amazing job on the cathedral’s interiors.”

Netflix interviewed our Parisian VFX teams to explain their work:

Watch the series on Netflix by clicking on this link.

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