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Biopic of Marinette Pichon, first french female soccer player to sign on to the American professional league, record-woman in number of goals per game and selections for the French national team.

Virginie Verrier
Xavier Dolléans
MPC VFX Producer
Loriane Lucas
MPC VFX Supervisors
Niranjan Sivagurunathan,
Arnaud Fouquet
Post Production Studio
MPC Paris Hauteville

VFX supervisor Niranjan Siva and VFX producer Loriane Lucas worked with the MPC Paris teams to create around sixty shots, including digitally generated crowds to fill football stadium stands.

The MPC Paris post-production teams worked with Xavier Dolleans, the DOP, on the management of rushes, confo, editing and deliverables, all under the supervision of Brice Leclert.

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