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La petite bande


The little gang is Cat, Fouad, Antoine and Sami, four 12 year old students. Out of pride and defiance, they embark on a crazy project: blow up the factory that has been polluting their river for years. But in the newly formed group, disagreements are frequent and tied votes constantly paralyze the action. To decide between them, they decide to bring in Aimé, a rejected and lonely kid, into their little group. As excited as they are distraught by the magnitude of their mission, the five accomplices will learn to live and fight together in this funny and uncertain adventure that will totally overwhelm them.

Les Films Pélléas
Pierre Salvadori
VFX Supervisor
Cédric Fayolle

The MPC Paris teams are happy to have collaborated with Les Films Pelléas on the visual effects of the film La petite bande. More than 265 shots were in charge of our teams supervised by Cédric Fayolle.

Watch the full VFX breakdown here.


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