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Black Butterflies


Adrien Winckler, a writer in need of inspiration, is hired by a mysterious retiree, Albert, to write his memoirs. The man tells him about his crazy love for Solange. They became a couple of serial killers who seized every summer through France in the 70s. A relationship of fascination and rejection develops between Adrien, an improvised biographer, and Albert.

Created by Olivier Abbou and Bruno Merle, a passionate and bloody odyssey going back and forth between past and present.

Olivier Abbou
MPC VFX Supervisor
Sébastien Rame
MPC VFX Producer
Loriane Lucas
MPC CG Supervisor
Boris Kaufmann

The VFX teams at MPC Paris created all the VFX shots for the series, including the passages with the famous black butterflies that give the series its name:

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