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Be at the heart of the film making process, using the latest techniques to develop your ideas and collaborate with the world’s most creative companies to produce iconic work.

Inside MPC

Join a creative environment

We know that value comes from openness to change. Our artists thrive on a culture of innovation, collaboration and co-creation, sharing their ideas across our studios around the world.

As well as working with the most skilled creatives in the industry, you’ll have access to a wide range of initiatives to develop your expertise, from tech talks to cross-departmental training and guest speakers.

At MPC we offer filmmakers an end-to-end film-making experience. From design to delivery, our studio is a place where artists harness the latest tools and technology to bring ideas to life.”

Leah Beevers, Global Head of Creative at MPC


We have more than 18 departments who work collaboratively to craft stunning visual effects. Our specialists have accumulated decades of experience developing ideas, crafting characters and building worlds for major productions. Discover more about them below.

The Art Department

Everything we do starts with understanding the filmmaker’s story. Who are the characters & creatures? What are the environments & props surrounding them intended to achieve? How do your characters interact with these elements, and when or where do they exist?

Our Concept Art team work closely with Production Designers & VFX Supervisors on character & creature work and environmental concept designs, helping Directors realize their vision.


Animation is the illusion of life. Whether it’s hand-drawn or digital, it always has the same goal: to take a series of images and put life into them.

A proficient Animator is an artist with many skills: creativity, imagination, strong understanding of acting, body mechanics, physics, universal appeal, a good technical aptitude, patience and attention to detail.

A huge amount of knowledge, work, time and research goes behind every shot – Animation is a rewarding art that will consistently challenge an Artist.

The Character Lab

The Character Lab is a place where filmmakers come to visualize their digital characters.

With decades of experience, our team are experts in creating photorealistic characters.

Handpicked for their exceptional work within their specialties, our team collaborate with clients to create memorable digital casts for movies & projects.


The Environment team is responsible for creating ecosystems: from naturalistic to man-made and ancient to futuristic. We can adapt to the aesthetic of any movie, creating full CG environments or extending existing plates seamlessly.

Our creations have been nominated and won a huge variety of awards, with our artistry contributing to the success of blockbuster films such as 1917, The Jungle Book, Prometheus and Godzilla.


Although we operate from a growing network of international studios, MPC is just one workplace which spans across several time zones. We collaborate between studios on all projects and benefit creatively from our global perspective.

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